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Fanatec CSL DD Ready2Race R300 Bundle

Fanatec CSL DD Ready2Race R300 Bundle


CSL Steering Wheel R300 V2


The 30cm diameter ‘R300’ rim is a stylish addition to any collection.




The rim is made in brushed and anodised aluminum and covered in premium, automotive grade, smooth leather and gold stitching. Gold, anodised aluminium bolts are included.

The diameter is 30cm, making this wheel a good all-rounder, suitable for many vehicle types.


Packed with features and refinements


The integrated button islands, display, and shifters work neatly with many wheel rim combinations. The V2 has additional metal bracing to improve rigidity up to 23%, and the shifter paddle design has been revised.


CSL DD. The new standard


FANATEC® Direct-Drive technology comes to the CSL Series. From subtle sidewall flex to powerful self-aligning torque, you’ll feel everything with a heightened sense of realism. Exceptionally crisp and dynamic force feedback sensations await.

Direct-Drive superiority


When the steering wheel is directly mounted to the motor shaft, there’s no belt or gear drive to dilute the force feedback effects. The clear choice of all professional drivers and enthusiast sim racers is now available to a broader audience.


Plug and Play


Our strong relationship with game developers means the CSL DD has broad compatibility and consistent behaviour across many popular titles. The Standard Tuning Menu has been simplified, allowing beginners to start quickly without having to worry about settings. The Advanced Tuning Menu remains for enthusiasts.


Pedal to the metal


The CSL Pedals are solidly built from steel. Precise and durable sensors allow you to stay in control with smooth throttle and brake inputs.


Heavy steel construction


The stability of the all-metal design means it is built to last. The stiffer spring on the brake pedal combined with the PU foam damper provides a realistic, progressive feeling.


Magnetic sensors


Both the throttle and brake axes use precision Hall-effect sensors. By measuring pedal position with magnets, the system is contactless, meaning no wear on the sensor and consistent performance.

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