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Asetek Round Comfort+ Rim

Asetek Round Comfort+ Rim


As versatile as it gets!

Introducing the Comfort+ rim, designed to revolutionize your sim racing experience by optimizing comfort and performance. This rim’s adaptable design suits a wide range of racing disciplines, from road car enthusiasts to GT racers, rally drivers, and drift enthusiasts. What sets it apart is the groundbreaking Comfort+ material, incorporating 37% recycled fibers. Notably, it’s permanently fire-resistant, ensuring safety during extended racing sessions. Easy to maintain, resistant to dirt, and permanently antistatic, this rim is engineered for long-lasting use, boasting an impressive 150,000 Martindale rating. Elevate your sim racing adventure with Comfort+ and relish unbeatable comfort and sustainability.

Featuring top-of-the-range ergonomics while retaining a super stiff and rigid feel.

The red center position indicator and black hand-sewn stitching add to the exclusive look and feel.

Since all our wheel rims are handcrafted, you may expect variations in stitching, leather stretch, and finish around corners.

  • Compatibility


    • Forte® Button Box
    • La Prima™ Button Box
  • Box Contents

    Box Contents

    • Rim 330 mm
    • Screws for mounting
    • 2.5mm Allen key
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