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Simgrade Thera 2 Pedal Set

Simgrade Thera 2 Pedal Set


NEW 02/2023: Thera compatible with consoles via Drive Hub!
Extra info for PS5: here


Billet aluminum structure. Black anodized finish. Ultra smooth, silent operation. Rigidity: like no other. Super fast & easy adjustments. Zero lateral play. Linear-force operated, high accuracy clutch – the first on the market.


Inspired by these features? If yes, SIMGRADE° Thera pedals are the #1 choice for your sim racing setup.




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Mounting plates and other accessories here
Manual & calibration software here
More pictures here



  • Description


    • Billet aluminum
    • Black anodized finish
    • 200 kg load cell in the brake pedal, 110 kg max pedal force
      • Load cells used in throttle and clutch as well
    • Calibration software with
      • Adjustable dead zones
      • Non-linear response curves
      • Save to file & load profile from file feature
    • 12 bit (4096) resolution
    • Custom elastomer in the brake pedal provides extremely progressive feel and long life span
    • 16 separate settings for brake stiffness (elastomer 8, spring 8) with super fast and easy adjusting procedure – no tools required
    • 12 separate settings for throttle stiffness with super fast & easy adjusting procedure – no tools required
    • Optional high rate spring included for the brake pedal with progressive resistance and sublime return phase feel
    • Stainless steel ball bearings in all major pivot points
    • Ultra smooth operation ensured by using ball bearings, guided springs and elastomers
    • Zero lateral play at the pedal arms
      • Probably the most rigid pedals on the market
    • No lubrication required
    • Silent operation by design
    • No metal-to-metal contact on end stoppers
    • Super-narrow design allowing the user to adjust pedal-to-pedal distance to personal preference
      • This is further emphasized with 35 cm cable length (all pedals)
    • Mounting: 4 x M6 bolts, mounting pattern (click to open) 80 x 24 mm
    • Robust design with minimal amount of parts at risk to fail
    • 5 year warranty
    • Brake system pressure build-up simulation
      • From the point the brake pads touch the discs, with a highly progressive and realistic feel
    • FEA-analyzed design
    • +/- 8.5 degrees angle adjustment in each pedal
    • Slot hole mounting: adjustable foot-to-pedal distance
    • Pedal faces distance adjustable with spacers
    • Damper for the throttle pedal: estimated availability Q1-Q2 2023
    • Light weight: ~900 g per pedal
    • Double shielded USB cable (1.8 m)
    • Platforms
      • Native: PC / Windows
      • With Drive Hub: PS4, PS5 (aftermarket pad controller required), Xbox One
    • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Finland
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