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Discover excellence in control and safety with our innovative high-end handbrake. Experience an unrivalled feeling of sensitivity, precision and realism at the wheel with our SRP braking system.

Our handbrake is fully modular, allowing for the configuration of your choice: either vertical or horizontal. SRP’s unique air piston technology takes your driving experience to the next level.

Accompanied by our advanced SRP-HBsetup software, you can quickly customise and adjust your settings to be ready for the track in seconds. Customise braking pressure in real time from your steering wheel or button pad to ensure consistent braking, no matter what vehicle or game you’re in.

This handbrake setup is inspired by the preferences of real drivers. Customisable with curves, dead zones and our CUT system to avoid lock-ups without losing optimal sensitivity. Plus, you can create, modify and save custom profiles in real time without interrupting your game.

All settings are maintained at a resolution of 65536 steps, with no need to recalibrate the pedals in-game. Easily access manuals and video tutorials from within the app.

International Shipping: International shipping of items outside the European Community is subject


Base Color

Begin by choosing the gray or black color option for your SRP® HandBrake


Colore Knob
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