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Ascher Racing B16M-USB

Ascher Racing B16M-USB

€ 549,00Prezzo
  • platform independent USB connection
  • compatible with many popular wheel rims
  • 8 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling
  • 2 x encoders (inc. push button functionality)
  • magnetic paddle shifters
  • labels for various common steering wheel inputs


16 INPUTS8 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling2 x protective button guards2 x encoders inc. push button functionality, aluminium knobs2 x paddle shifters


HIGH QUALITY FINISHmachined out of automitive aluminiumblack anodized and laser engravedbrushed frontplate surface finishglass bed blasted paddle surface finish


MAGNETIC PADDLE SHIFTERScnc machined and anodized out of automotive aluminiumstrong snap-action forcealternative magnets to reduce force includedextremely durable automotive switch


BUTTON LABELS50 pcs button labels each black and white72 pcs encoder labels (blue, green, red, black, yellow, white)labels for various common steering wheel inputs


GENERAL INFORMATION6 x 70 mm bolt patternM5 x 35/40 mm screws, nuts and washers to mount Q1R includedrobust, shielded coiled cable with industrial Binder M16 connectorcoiled cable connector length approx. 64mmspacer may be required to create sufficient clearance to the wheel baseQuick Release not includedmass: 700 gnot suitable for heavily dished steering wheel rims


COMPATIBLE WHEELBASESSimucube 2Simucube 1 (OSW, Mige)AccuforceLeo BodnarOSW (Argon)SimagicFanatec DD1/DD2 (Podium Hub required)VRS Direct Force(longer screws are recquired)

COMPATIBLE STEERING WHEELS MOMOMod 69Mod 78Montecarlo OMP320 sRacing GPTargaTrecento SPARCO L360R323R383Ring OTHERMPI MazdaMPI-F-13-GT


DIFFERENCE BETWEEN M AND L MODELSmainly the compatibility of steering wheel rimsM model has buttons moved upwards for rims with a horizontal shaped centerL model has buttons moved downwards for rims with a curved shaped centerrefer to the list below for matching steering wheel rims


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