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GEN6 Single Paddle Shifter

GEN6 Single Paddle Shifter

€ 159,00Prezzo

Proven in motorsports and used as a standard in the McLaren Artura GT4: Like the Gen5 shifters, the new generation of our proven shifters are milled from aluminum and extremely robust. In addition to the well-known and proven features of the previous model, the Gen6 Shifter offers even greater reliability thanks to non-contact Hall switch operation. Preloaded ball bearings ensure even smoother and maximum play-free operation, rubber stops for a clearly noticeable noise reduction with consistent precision!


! Compatible with the McLaren Esports series!



- New generation of magnetic shifters developed from scratch for motorsport applications

- Compatible with all wheels from the Ascher Racing McLaren Esports series; unlimited exchange of components thanks to identical mounting points for the shifters

- Magnetic snap function for precise and reliable operation

- CNC-machined from high quality aluminum, black anodized and laser engraved

- Maximum precision and reliability under harsh conditions, sealed electronics for waterproof operation (IP67*), operating window -40°C to +85°C

- Highly optimized for ultra-low power consumption for use in battery-powered devices (40 µA), eliminating the need for sleep modes or reduced cycle times

- Small dimensions for ergonomic integration and low weight (57g/shifter, without paddles)


Changes compared to Gen5 Shifter:

- Smooth and play-free operation thanks to preloaded ball bearings

- Non-contact Hall switch operation for unlimited electrical lifespan, mechanical lifespan well over 20,000,000 operations

- Soundproofed by rubber stops at both ends with unlimited precision thanks to small tolerances

- No sensor calibration required (measuring magnet N-S orientation instead of strength)

- No sensor drift when time or temperature changes – permanently fixed shifts

- No additional signal filters required (hardware or software) thanks to perfect output signal

- Built-in sensor hysteresis for precise and stable shifts


*Gasket required between shift paddle and steering wheel housing; not included in the delivery



None – Paddleshifter comes without paddles

Formula – 26mm width, 67mm height, 13g weight (each)

GT – 34mm width, 122mm height, 30g weight (each)



Depending on choice: no paddles, 2x Formula Paddles, 2x GT Paddles

2x Single Paddleshifter Gen6

2x 3-pin connection cable

4x screws for mounting the paddles (DIN 7991 M3x8)

2x 6mm paddle spacers

4x screws for mounting the shifters with spacers (DIN 7991 M3x14)



Product Manual

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