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Simgrade VX-PRO Brake Kit V1

Simgrade VX-PRO Brake Kit V1

€ 48,21Prezzo
  • Alternative brake kit for VX-PRO pedals
  • Two softer springs (vs. default yellow)
    • Red: medium
    • Blue: soft
  • New side plates
    • Available load bearing positions (four) differ from the stock plates, see last product image
      • Red line depicts the stock side plate, black line the Brake Kit V1 version. This design allows extra brake configurations to find & match driver preference perfectly.
      • Top position is higher than in the stock plates, creating a ‘maxxed-out’ stiffness configuration (with the yellow spring)
  • The springs included can be used with the stock side plates, and the new side plates with the yellow (default) spring
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