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SRP 3P To V4

SRP 3P To V4

€ 73,20Prezzo

SRP 3P To V4


Attention: If your pedals have the V3 version of the cams, this is the kit you need to upgrade your pedals to the V4 version. You can identify your version by referring to the attached picture.

Improve the performance of your pedals in terms of smoothness, efficiency and durability with our complete kit. This kit is designed to elevate your pedal experience to a whole new level.


  • 6 SKF needle roller bearings to improve precision and smooth pedal movement.
  • 3 bases equipped with rubber bumpers to provide stability and prevent slippage during use.


Transform your pedal set-up and unlock a higher level of control and performance with this complete kit. Upgrade from V3 to V4 effortlessly and take your pedal experience to the next level.

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