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Experience unmatched sensitivity, precision and realism with our high-end professional pedal set. These pedals are fully modular, allowing for any combination and position you desire: three pedals, two pedals, inverted, formula style, and more. SRP’s exclusive innovative pneumatic piston technology takes your experience to the next level.

Accompanied by our advanced SRP-MS software, you’ll get optimal and immediate adjustments so you’ll be ready on the track in no time. Customise braking pressure in real time from your steering wheel or button pad to ensure you always brake in the same spot, no matter what car or game you’re in. Our exclusive SRP ABS button system calibrates the brake pedal to your muscle memory, perfecting regressive braking for vehicles with ABS.

These pedals come with settings used by real drivers to train in PRO mode. You can also customise each pedal with curves, dead zones and our CUT system in CUSTOM mode, avoiding lock-ups without losing 100% of the calibrated travel. Plus, you can create, modify and save custom profiles in real time without leaving the game.

Adjust the maximum brake pressure in real time by assigning two buttons on your steering wheel, keypad or auxiliary keypad, allowing you to change the brake pressure while driving. Any adjustments made from the app are maintained at 65536 step resolution, with no need to re-calibrate the pedals in-game. Easily access manuals and video tutorials from within the app.

International Shipping: International shipping of items outside the European Community is subject to customs clearance and additional fees.

Base Color

Begin by choosing the gray or black color option for the SRP GT-R 2p.

  • Constructions


    # AL6061 aluminium pedals, precision machined using 5-axis CNC.
    # Extra hard 28 micron anodised finish.
    # High performance SFK needle bearings.
    # High performance pneumatic pistons with unique SRP design, stainless steel body, NBR seal with 3.5 million km life.
    # High precision, durable ceramic diaphragm transducers, SRP-T1 and SRP-T3.
    # SUS303 polished stainless steel shafts.
    # Stainless steel hardware.
    # ABS plastics.

  • Controller


    # In-house designed electronic board with informative LEDs to keep you aware of the status of your pedals.
    # USB-C connectivity for maximum data rate (compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0).
    # 65536 step resolution for precise control of brake, throttle and clutch.
    # PC compatible.
    # Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, etc. (with Drivehub*) (*It is recommended to use only original PlayStation USB-C cabling for good connection stability).

    Important: Check the compatibility of your steering wheel and peripherals on the Drivehub website.

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