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SRP Knob Racing Simulator

SRP Knob Racing Simulator


SRP Knob Racing Simulator


SRP offers you the exciting opportunity to customise your handbrake knob inspired by prestigious sports car brands:

– Orange: The thrill of speed in every touch.
– Red: The passion and energy that only true speed enthusiasts understand.
– Grey: The balance between style and power.
– Black: Timeless elegance and strength that never fades.

Our knobs are meticulously designed to recreate an authentic riding experience and comfort, customised with the SRP logo in resin drop. Manufactured from AI6061 aluminium with an extra hard 28 micron anodised finish, they guarantee durability and stunning looks.

Kit consists of:

– 1 handbrake knob: For precise speed control.

Feel every drift as if you were in a real rally car!

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