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SRP Throttle Foot Rest

SRP Throttle Foot Rest

€ 31,72Prezzo

SRP Throttle Foot Rest


SPA is an innovative addition to your pedalboard that helps you position your foot optimally on the accelerator. By providing a double point of support, it optimises key feel and improves accuracy with every press.

This clever accessory features three adjustable positions, allowing you to customise it to find the ideal comfort for your riding style.

Available in two stylish colours, Black and Gray, SPA is designed to blend seamlessly with your pedalboard model, complementing its aesthetics with a touch of unique style.

Durability and stunning looks are guaranteed, as SPA is made from AI6061 aluminium and features an extra hard 28-micron anodised finish. In addition, the SRP logo machined and painted with coloured resin adds a distinctive touch to this high quality accessory.

The SPA kit consists of:

  • 1 SPA: Transforms your throttle control into a precise and satisfying experience.
  • 2 hex screws: Ensure a firm and stable hold to keep SPA in place.
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